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Kaedim's machine learning and in-house art team combine to deliver production-quality assets in minutes.

The world's best game studios ship 10x faster with Kaedim

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How Kaedim works


Upload an image or description

Submit an image or description of the model you need


Kaedim's AI generates your model

Kaedim's pipeline kicks off, creating a model based on your inputs


Artist review and refinement

A Kaedim artist reviews the output and refines it for optimal quality using in-house tools


Download your model minutes later

Minutes later, you're notified the model is complete and ready for download


Models Generated


Artist Hours Saved

Saving game studios
time and money

The only 3D Marketplace that lets you generate on the spot

Choose from a diverse selection of 10,000 assets. We guarantee that all models are 100% ready to use. No n-gons and broken meshes.

    Production-ready models

    Kaedim is optimized for usable, production-ready 3D assets. We've worked closely with 3D artists to ensure outputs are up to industry standards.

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    Proud to work with leaders in both gaming and AI

    Kaedim is backed by the best in games and AI. Together we're transforming 3D content creation pipelines for games and beyond.

    Pioneer Fund
    Epic MegaGrants
    Nvidia Inception

    Join the hundreds of studios creating 3D assets on-demand with Kaedim

    Kaedim saves us 20x over a traditional pipeline... [it] allows us to build a 20x bigger world in 3D.

    Little Buffalo Studios

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    “The 'Image to 3D' feature was a game-changer, transforming weeks-long processes into mere hours.”

    Mathew McGrane

    Chief Design Officer, Elora

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    [Our] workflow is much much faster, allowing us to make larger, more complex scenes...”

    James Finlay

    Founder & Creative Director, Myth Studio

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    • "Kaedim has made going 3D possible for me when I didn't know where to start! Not only am I generating awesome outputs, but I'm also learning 3D techniques as I go along. I can't imagine life without it."


    • "Quite amazed at these results, given the source images aren't ideal. Only needed a few edits and it was ready to go."


      Blue Sky Studios

      Technical Director

    • "Our 3D artist is doing work that would have taken 3 hours in 10 minutes. Getting game ready assets of complex models in the amount of time it takes to enjoy a sandwich!"


      Boom Interactive

    • "We're building a creativity game for kids based on Kaedim's technology, and it quite simply wouldn't have been possible before Kaedim."


    • "Super impressed by this. I am not a 3D modeler nor an artist and I have no idea how you guys possibly created this. It's such an incredible tool."


    • "This tool is amazing, I can't believe how perfect the models come out! Massive props to the team who worked on the ML model and setup the neural network, I've done quite a bit with AI but never got close to something like this!"


    • "I love how it's broken up into separate objects to make it super easy to colour in Blender! So impressive to get this from just one quick sketch it's going to save so much time making 3D assets for my games."


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    Escape the headache of building every game asset from scratch. Kaedim lets your team focus on what they do best.

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    3D objects
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    models in minutes

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