Magically generate custom

3D models in minutes

Stop losing hours to modeling tools. Generate stunning 3D art with nothing more than an image.

The world's best game studios ship 10x faster with Kaedim

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The Sandbox
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A better way to build

Your own
personal 3D artist

Whether you're building VR games or 3D art, Kaedim is here to generate high-definition 3D models just for you. No modeling experience required.

3D objects
from 2D images

Upload an image, click generate. Minutes later, you'll have a production-ready 3D model. It's really that easy.

Automatic texturing
for your models

Add texture and coloring to your models in the blink of an eye.

models in minutes

Stop losing hours to time-intensive modeling. Let Kaedim do the heavy lifting, so you can ship faster.

Plugins for your
favorite modeling tools

Export your models to your favorite modeling tool, and level-up your final tweaks with our plugins.


Models Generated


Artist Hours Saved

Three dimensions,
endless possibilities

Here to stay

Backed by industry leaders

We're proud to be backed by the best in AI and gaming. With angel investors from Google to Roblox, Kaedim is leading the way in the transition from 2D to 3D digital content.

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Quality you expect

Production-ready models

Kaedim is optimized for usable, production-ready 3D assets. We've worked closely with 3D artists to ensure outputs are up to industry standards.

Try it out

Need to see to believe?Get started with a trial.

Want to see Kaedim in action? Get 3 model generations with a trial, and see what all the hype's about.


Integrate with your favorite tools

Kaedim builds on top of your current worklow to make 3D asset generation 100% seamless. The power of generated models, in the tools you know and use.

Unreal Engine
What users say

Join everyone generating 3D models with Kaedim

"Our 3D artist is doing work that would have taken 3 hours in 10 minutes. Getting game ready assets of complex models in the amount of time it takes to enjoy a sandwich!"



Boom Interactive

"We're building a creativity game for kids based on Kaedim's technology, and it quite simply wouldn't have been possible before Kaedim."


"Super impressed by this. I am not a 3D modeler nor an artist and I have no idea how you guys possibly created this. It's such an incredible tool."


Create anything in minutes

Any object imaginable is at your fingertips. Experience the future of 3D modeling with Kaedim, your personal 3D artist.

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