Our Mission

In the constantly evolving world of digital technology, we believe that 3D content will play a protagonist role in the future of our digital experiences. Kaedim's vision is to accelerate the shift from digital 2D to a digital 3D world.

At Kaedim, we are creating state-of-the-art AI solutions to streamline the process of 3D asset creation and enable greater creative expression for creators as well as more immersive digital worlds for consumers. Our human x AI approach revolutionizes 3D asset creation by blending human artistic intuition and critical judgment with AI's efficiency and speed. This results in a production process that is faster, more cost-effective, and upholds the high quality standards for 3D games.

By transforming 3D content creation into a scalable and sustainable pipeline, Kaedim aims to be the driving force behind the next generation of immersive and engaging gaming experiences.

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Kaedim was founded by Konstantina Psoma on February 10th, 2020 while finishing her MEng degree at the University of Bristol. Immersed in a gaming culture among her peers, she delved into 3D Modeling using Autodesk Maya during her second and third years. She faced a steep learning curve and significant challenges, such as heavy software demands on her PC and slow progress, while working on a major project to model one of Bristol's cathedrals. 

Looking for a solution, she visited multiple game studios in Bristol, only to learn that their pipelines involve dozens of artists creating 3D assets manually using Maya. These visits illuminated the industry's intensive demands, and sparked Konstantina’s interest in developing a more efficient and productive method for 3D asset creation.


Benefits for Game Developers

Our team is developing the first generation of AI tools tailored for 3D artists and game developers. With the combined power of our Machine Learning engineers and our team of in-house artists, we are able to speed up 3D productions by 10x.

Together with our growing customer base, we are developing Kaedim to accelerate 3D workflows even further, driven by an intimate understanding of the struggles game developers face - the scarcity of time, resources, and the vast scope required to produce high-quality games. This initiative isn't just about efficiency; it's about giving game developers the luxury of time to practice their creativity and eliminating the restrictions to create. Our focus is crafting tools that augment artists' capabilities, rather than replacing them.

This approach aids developers and enhances the player experience, subtly shaping a future where games developed with Kaedim represent a leap in world creation. With Kaedim, you're not just choosing a cool new AI tool; you're embracing a vision that reimagines the art of 3D gaming.


How Kaedim Works

Kaedim merges AI with human expertise to enhance game development, offering a unique approach that outpaces traditional 3D methods. Our technology produces optimized, ready-to-edit 3D models, significantly boosting productivity and fitting seamlessly into various industries, from gaming to architecture. By reducing production times dramatically, as evidenced in collaborations like our project with Upland, Kaedim is redefining 3D workflows, making high-quality 3D content creation more accessible and efficient across multiple sectors.

Harmonizing AI and Human Creativity


Our approach merges human expertise with AI algorithms to accelerate and enhance the game development pipeline. This approach, which differs from other 3D AI tools in the market, utilizes the efficiency of AI, while leveraging the skills of human artists to identify and correct errors, optimizing assets ready to be implemented into a game. This creates a feedback loop that supports us in improving our algorithms and producing assets at a pace that supports 200+ game studios. A perfect balance between quantity and quality.

As the gaming industry evolves, the demand for high-quality, diverse, and innovative content increases exponentially. This approach recognizes that demand and enables the production of such content at a scale and speed that traditional methods cannot match. As AI technology advances, it becomes essential for everyone to adapt and work in harmony with these intelligent systems. This collaboration is pivotal because while AI excels in handling large-scale, repetitive tasks, human insight is crucial for creating the important feedback loop, adding a creative human touch, and creating contextually relevant outcomes.

The integration of AI into workflows not only boosts productivity by automating and optimizing processes but also frees up human talent to focus on more creative and strategic tasks. This shift is not just about leveraging AI for efficiency; it's about redefining roles where humans and AI complement each other's strengths, leading to enhanced innovation and productivity in every project undertaken. This method goes beyond solving current industry challenges; it’s a scalable, forward-looking model primed to define the future of 3D workflows.


Seamless Integrations

The result? Kaedim has the only product in the market that can generate optimized 3D models that are ready to edit by 3D artists.
More specifically, all Kaedim generations are:

Low Poly
Made by quads
Separated into parts

By providing ready-to-edit, optimized 3D models that easily integrate into any workflow, Kaedim significantly boosts productivity by reducing the time and effort artists spend on initial model creation and adjustments.

We aim to integrate into pipelines without disrupting existing workflows. In our collaboration with Upland, we were able to accelerate their 3D asset production by 70%. As reported by Jason Festa, Art Director for Upland, they were able to produce 2 new experiences for their players in less than 2 weeks. Overall, they were able to reduce their 3D asset production time to 2 months. With traditional methods, this production process would have taken them 8 months, if not more. 

In addition to game development, Kaedim has been a game-changer for other industries such as architecture, e-commerce, and 3D printing. Our recent case study featuring Mathew McGrane, an architect working in the metaverse, highlights how a weeks-long process turned into mere hours with Kaedim. With Kaedim’s improvements to performance and toolsets, he was able to evolve his workflow to be more efficient. With Kaedim’s consistent communication and collaboration with our users, we are able to fit into and speed up any 3D pipeline at-scale, expanding the diversity of 3D content and lowering the barriers to entry for aspiring 3D content creators.


What’s next?

We are really excited to welcome new partners building the next indie and AAA games powered by AI! Whether you’re an indie game dev or a AAA studio, Kaedim is here to work alongside you to enhance your creative process, providing tools that streamline and innovate while fostering a collaborative environment for development.

In the Past Year
Created a teams functionality for Enterprise customers for even easier collaboration
Upcoming Year
Creating complete and editable 3D scenes, all within Kaedim
New collaboration features for all plans so teams can communicate and iterate faster
Released our Automatic Texturing, Automatic UV Unwrapping, and Generate LoDs features
Added a “pre-modifiers” version of 3D assets for easier implementation into custom workflows
A 3D marketplace for users to showcase their work and build upon others’ assets, building community and inspiration

We believe that the future of 3D should be a collaborative effort, and with the help of our users who provide us with feedback and insight, we have been able to continuously improve and provide updates that benefit both the users and our mission.

Join us on our journey to enable scalable, on-demand, and ready-to-use 3D content creation, and help shape the future of digital experiences.

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