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How an Architect Transformed Weeks-long Processes into Hours with Kaedim

The ‘Image to 3D’ feature was a game-changer, transforming weeks-long processes into mere hours.

About Mathew McGrane

Mathew is an Architect and Artist leading a studio in Southern California. As the Chief Design Officer at Elora, a web3 startup, he is at the forefront of developing innovative metaverse venues for the future of work and collaboration.

Project Overview

Their flagship project, 'The Tree of Life,' is set in the Cornerstone metaverse. It is a collaborative, creative space, inspired by the 'Tree of Life,' symbolizing the interconnectedness of people, ideas, and creativity.

Primary Industry: Architecture and Design.

Inspiration for the Project: The project began as a living portfolio of their architectural work, evolving into crafting world-class architecture in the metaverse, unbounded by physical constraints.

Mission & Goals

We aim to create a destination for diverse events and knowledge sharing, transcending geographical borders.

Impact: Our goal is to foster a learning environment and make education universally accessible.



The main hurdle was translating complex, organic ideas into tangible models.This created constraints not only on 3D production, but the process before it as well: the opportunity to experiment - which is crucial for creative projects.


Kaedim reduced the initial concept phase of a 500-hour project to just hours, enhancing ideation and efficiency significantly. It streamlined the modeling of AI-generated images, allowing more focus on creativity rather than crafting.

Using AI from ideation to mesh, Mathew has not only been able to increase production, he has also been able to be more creative and experimental in his work.


Kaedim's Impact

Evolved Workflow: He now uses Midjourney, Dalle, Photoshop, Kaedim, Sketchup/Blender, and Unreal Engine in sequence.

Improvements: The last six months have shown significant advances in performance, toolsets, customer service, and deliverables.

New 3D asset production pipeline

AI Sketching

  • Creating initial concepts with AI and refining
  • Establishing art direction

AI Modeling with Kaedim


Import into Sketchup

  • Importing Kaedim models into Sketchup for layout

Finished results in Unreal

  • Final rendering in Unreal Engine

Why choose Kaedim?

  • Helpful Features: The iteration capabilities stand out, allowing for easy development of incomplete model areas.
  • Outstanding Aspects: The responsive and helpful customer support has been particularly impressive.
  • Integration Experience: Kaedim has integrated seamlessly into my fluid workflow, becoming an essential tool.
  • Specific Improvements: The transformation of my first test model confirmed Kaedim's game-changing potential.
I'm grateful for the Kaedim team's dedication and effort. What began as an experiment has become central to our workflow. We'll continue leveraging Kaedim for building concepts, unique furnishings, and more.

See more of Matthew’s work:




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