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How 3D Freelance Artists Finish a Week's Work in One Day with Kaedim

Kaedim just turned our workflow from a sloth to a cheetah!

About Krishna Bros

Krishna Bros are brothers who are freelance 3D Artists with over 3 years of experience in Blender and Unreal.
They create custom 3D models for a wide client base. They also specialize in animations, texturing, and UV unwrapping. Over the years, they’ve served many customers from different countries.

Project Overview

Over the years, they’ve helped clients create different characters, environments, and more. The feedback and responses from their customers give strength to the path of their business, and their goal is to deliver more and more good work to their clients to become known artists in the 3D world.

Primary Industry: Film, Animation & Entertainment

Inspiration for the Project: “We make our clients’ dreams true!”

Mission & Goals

Their mission is simple but impactful - to create stunning environments and 3D Models for their clients. They believe that great projects require great characters, environments, and animations. Providing top quality 3D assets to their clients ensures that their goals are met.


Their main challenge was creating 3D characters from scratch. As a small business with the need to work on many projects simultaneously, they needed a more efficient way to deliver these 3D projects to their clients.


Kaedim just turned our workflow from a sloth to a cheetah! It helped save a lot of time and cost creating character models, which was addressed by Kaedim. Our 3D Artist only needs to fine-tune the character from Kaedim.

Using Kaedim, the 3D artist duo now has more time to take on new projects, boosting their business along with their 3D workflows.

Customer Support was insane! They were so helpful. And the iteration feature was an absolute way to perfection!

Kaedim's Impact

Evolved Workflow: They create images of characters using different AI tools, along with their artist. They then input their images and generate all their 3D Models using ‘Ultra’ to get the highest quality possible. After generation, they fine-tune the character using Blender, only having to do minor fixes. Finally, they Unwrap, Texture, Rig, add Facial blend shapes, and import the character to the scene.

Improvements: By using Kaedim, Krishna Bros’ 3D asset production has sped up by 75-85%. Where their manual modeling workflow would take 3-5 days for each character, they can now create characters in only 1 day using Kaedim.

“Each character would take 3-5 days depending on its complexity...
[Kaedim] saved us a bunch of time and increased production speed by about 75-85%.”

Why choose Kaedim?

  • Iteration Feature: As freelance 3D artists, the Iteration Feature makes it easy for them to implement feedback from clients.
  • Personalized Customer Support: Kaedim provides a one-on-one channel and 24/7 support, tackling any issue or concern at any given moment.
  • 3D Production Acceleration: Kaedim has sped up the 3D artists’ workflow by 85%, taking a 3-5 day process down to 1 day
Yes, [Kaedim’s] customer support and updates are just INCREDIBLE! The role that Kaedim plays in our projects is really outstanding... it saves us a lot of time on character creation.

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