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Myth Studio Turns Ideas into Reality with Kaedim

At Myth, we believe Kaedim represents the future of the animation industry. The ability to go from ideation to asset so quickly is a paradigm shift, yet to be fully appreciated and understood by the industry.

About Myth Studio

Myth Studio is an animation studio based in London, specialising in charming, aesthetically beautiful animation and design. In order to achieve this, they have a particular focus on technology. This allows them to achieve greater results faster.

Project Overview

Myth Studio creates advertising and internal communications, and are now focusing on producing narrative content for film and TV. They mainly work in the advertising and creative industries, however they also work for a wide variety of industries.

Mission & Goals

To create beautiful, charming, exciting, engaging and effective animated storytelling for their clients, and eventually, their own productions. Impact: They hope to create historical narrative storytelling content that is popular and accessible. Through the magic and charm of animation, they hope to inspire people to learn more about history through their films.



Myth Studio’s main challenges were the the time and resources needed to create 3D assets for their projects. As 3D modeling is a relatively specialist skill, this added limitations to their pipeline. Using Cinema 4D, a full day or half a day would typically be needed, and one team member would be occupied during that time period. Using Kaedim, the designer can spend 15-30 minutes getting the images together, and get a number of meshes created in a matter of hours.


We can create assets much faster, allowing us to create interesting tests and R&D pieces for putting out on our content channels such as LinkedIn and Instagram. We are typically able to produce 1 new motion test/mini-short film per week on top of our other work.

With the help of Kaedim, Myth Studio has been able to push out content faster, giving more time to creative and diverse projects.

Want to see exactly how Kaedim fits into Myth Studio’s workflow? Check out their process breakdown here: How to Use AI Tools for 3D Animation


Kaedim's Impact

With the help of Kaedim, Myth Studio was able to speed up their content production, which directly impacted other stages of their pipeline. Being able to create more complex 3D assets at a faster pace, they were able to carry out more creative and impactful projects.

[Our] workflow is much much faster, allowing us to make larger, more complex scenes, or spend more time experimenting with other elements other than modeling. For example, texturing, lighting, or animation.

Work Samples

Check out samples of Myth Studio’s amazing projects, made with Kaedim, below.

Shiny Animals

Christmas Feature

Street Short


Why choose Kaedim?

  • Seamless Integration: Kaedim was able to integrate seamlessly into Myth Studio’s workflow, allowing them to speed up their 3D asset production immediately.
  • Customer Support: With our 24/7 support team, the implementation of Kaedim into Myth Studio’s pipeline is quick and easy.
  • Faster Workflow: Myth Studio not only saves time, but also resources using Kaedim. They are able to accept and explore more projects due to this speedup.

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Explore Case Studies

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